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4nd Meeting of IBF Sunday 27/11/16
Analysis of Medical Record Data from Hospitals and Kupot Holim
Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

Statistical Consulting Lab

The Statistical Consulting Lab is an academic unit of the Department of Statistics. The laboratory's main role is to support the teaching and training of graduate students in the field of applied statistics. The Laboratory collaborates with researchers from other departments at the university and institutes and companies outside the university in various fields such as public health, medicine, atmospheric sciences and education.

The laboratory head is Prof. Ronit Nirel

Center for the Study of Rationality

The Center for the study Rationality is an Interdisciplinary Research Institute at the Hebrew University who studies the rational basis for decision-making. The study is based on the disciplines of mathematics, statistics, economics, psychology, biology, computer science, philosophy, law, and more. At the center is the use of game theory and its applications in research paradigm.

The center was erected at 1991, inspired by the work of Israel Oman (Economics Nobel laureate), Menachem Yaari, Sergio Hart, Mia Bar-Hillel, Avishai Margalit and others. Today the institute accommodates 50 academic staff and 30 students for advanced degrees. The institute is located at Givat Ram Campus.